Thursday, April 28, 2005

I have become a sheep...

Or so my dear friend (we'll just call her Ms. K) has informed me. Why you ask? It is really simple, because I gave into peer pressure and made a blog. This blog to be exact. But everyone is doing it! you say. Ah-ha! And therein lies her point. It's the proverbial if everyone was going to jump off a bridge would you? No. I'd like to think I'm smarter than that. But I have given in to the pressure.

Actually, this whole discussion with Ms. K occured on our weekly walk around a local lake. Our walks have become somewhat of a ritualistic bitch-fest. We laugh, we look for cute guys, and we chat our little hearts out. Today of course gave us a smaller sampling of the good looking guys (I think we were there too early), and a much larger helping of chatting.

As to my own resistance to signing up for this blog. Well, really it comes from my technology restistance. I'm one of those people that waited until she could not wait any longer before buying a DVD, and waited more than a year longer than that before she would get a DVD Player on which to watch it. Before that was the struggle to not put my home computer online (because really, can't I just use the one at work?), and of course my limited cell phone minutes. I love technology, and what it can do for me. I just don't always love the change. I mean really, who wants to go out and replace all those lovely, cheap VHS tapes that I own? Of course, now that my VCR won't rewind, I guess I don't have a choice, right?