Monday, September 19, 2011

New find...

Anyone else fall into food/drink ruts?  Especially in the school year, I end up eating a lot of the same foods all the time.  I'm convinced I'm missing key vitamins...but that's not what this post is about. 
It's about my newest find: Trader Joe's bottled White & Green Tea.  With a hint of mint, and a little bit of splenda, it's my newest love. It's especially coming in handy as I'm trying to stay away from pop again.  As I work on becoming the healthiest me possible, one of the keys (to me) is finding those little substitutions that give me the most bang for their buck.  I love tea, and I really love ice tea in warmer weather.  While fall is definitely on its way in, there's still enough sun around here to keep on drinking it.  
So what's your latest keeping you healthy find?


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Quick check...

The school year is back in swing, which means I'm back to waking up at 0-dark thirty.  Which also means that I'm more tired on day two than I was on the first day.  I'll get used to it soon enough, but until then it's a struggle to do anything, let alone take care of myself. 
So, what do I do to combat this?  I make myself a deal.  I know myself well enough to know that if I come home (in this frame of mind), I won't leave again.  It'll take too much energy.  Instead I give myself twenty minutes.  That's it.  Twenty minutes of some kind of movement.  If all I can do afterward is collapse on the couch, so be it.  If, after twenty minutes, I have more energy and can go longer I do.  
What does this all have to do with writing?  Well, it's simple.  Give yourself twenty minutes.  You don't have to keep track of the pages.  You don't have to stay up all night.  Just spend twenty minutes writing.  If, at the end, you're ready for bed then go to sleep.  If you're not?  Well, maybe you can do another twenty!
Remember, in exercise as well as in writing, something is better than nothing.