Thursday, February 10, 2011

I forgot...

Sometimes I forget the most basic things, those things that feed my soul and make me happy. They are simple, everyday things too. Like music. Not music in the car, or music on your iPod, but music you can hear throughout the house. The CD you stick in just to relax and come down from all the craziness and running around of the day.
It's easy to forget. I haven't had an actual CD player in years. In the apartment, I always just used my computer. Now, the computer is in my office. Music doesn't leave that room, unless I turn it way up. So when I come home, the television often goes on to act as background noise and break the silence. It's been on a lot lately, since R is still working on the other side of the state. But I missed my music. So over the weekend R and I treated ourselves to a CD player that can be heard throughout the condo...without being turned up to the max. One we'll have for years to come.
And now it sits in my dining room, happily playing my mix of French Jazz, while I do my laundry and make lunch for tomorrow.
I'm lovin' it! It's like a piece of my soul has been returned. It's got my creativity flowing again, in a most unexpected way.
What have you forgotten lately? What feeds your soul that you've been ignoring?

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