Friday, March 27, 2009

Great theme songs...

I'm always listening for a great theme song. Not a catchy jingle, necessarily, but a theme. One that takes the entirety and winds it all together. Recently, while watching John and Kate Plus Eight, I caught an ad for The Tudors, a Showtime series about the Tudor royal line. The opening shot is of Jonathon Rhys Myers on a throne in full regalia, with Queen's I Want It All playing in the background. Perfection!
Not only is it Queen (which, let's face it folks, is awesome), but it was the perfect song to intro this series.
Which got me thinking about about an old meme, What would the theme song of your life be? Mine, at least during report card time, is Queen's I'm Going Slightly Mad (for obvious reasons). What would yours be?

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Monday, March 23, 2009

The closer we get

to Spring Break, the more I'm reminded of how badly I need a vacation. Not whining here (well, okay, not tooooo much whining), but the last significant break we had was December. That's 3 months of go, go, go! So I'm ready for my break in a couple of weeks...not that I'm going anywhere. I'm sticking around town for multiple reasons. But it left me thinking, if I were going somewhere, where would I go? The choices are endless, and considering the amount of snow we've had I'm ready for tropical. Maui. Florida Keys. Puerto Vallerta. A cruise.
What about you? Where would you go if you had a week off?

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everyone needs...

...a little time to relax.
So today I hied myself off to my favorite spa for a VERY relaxing facial treatment. I knew I felt stressed going in. My shoulders are practically up by my ears these days. I hate report card time, I really do. Throw in some other on the job stressors, and is it a wonder I was in desperate need of some "me" time?
While on the table, with the soft music playing, and my esthetician massaging my scalp, I realized something important. This stress level? I'm not used to it any more. I, my dear friends, have become a much calmer person over the last few months. I realize it's hard to tell sometimes. I may rant and rave...and pull at my own hair. But it's true! Which makes this week extra hard to deal with. I don't like feeling this way.
So I will relax. I'm doing fine. I'm on track with report cards. It's only 2.5 weeks until Spring Break. I can do this.
Breath in.
Breath out.


Saturday, March 14, 2009


With the Boy currently out of town, I'm up to my own devices this weekend. Mostly, I'm back to the dastardly report cards, but I took some time this afternoon for an adventure with my good friend, D.
After a walk around a local lake, we wandered of to a store she's been teasing me with for months. Laura Bee Designs is a local purse designer. By now, you all know my addiction to purses of all kinds. Big, small, I want them (a point which completely baffles the Boy). So walking into this store may well have been like walking into heaven. The store revolves around their purse making operation, though they carry all sorts of various one of kind productions ranging from wallets and checkbook covers to earrings and necklaces. They have a variety of purse styles that can be created in any number of combinations of fabric, ribbon, buckles and buttons. They purchase all materials in small quantities, and design each bag by hand so no two are alike. Even better? For the price of one of their pre-made bags, they will build you a purse using whichever materials you pick, and it only takes 3-4 weeks!
If you've already guessed I couldn't walk away without a purchase, you'd be right. My brand new, self-designed bag will arrive on my doorstep in 3-4 weeks, and frankly, I don't know if I have the patience to wait.
I have a new addiction, folks, and this could get ugly.


Monday, March 09, 2009

Life gets in the way...

How are you today?
An innocent enough question to be sure. And I do want to know, how are you?
Hopefully, you're doing better than me. I'm feeling incredibly stressed these days. I spent the last few days flying back to Michigan for all of 2 days for my cousin's Bar Mitzvah. A whirlwind visit with family, family and more family. A visit that left little time for writing, or grading, both of which I need to desperately get to work on.
Anyone else out there feeling buried by life?
I'm climbing back into things slowly. I'm having to cut back on my writing for the next month while I catch up on grading, and report cards. But while this bothers me, I also know it's all doable in the long long as I don't let the panic set in.

So tell me, how do you climb out of the hole? How do you stay sane when everything around you(including the weather) is going crazy?

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The plague...

The Plague (or at least, it's very distant relative) is currently making it's way through my classroom. I've thankfully managed to avoid it, but the margin for error is fairly narrow. I'm working hard to fight it all off (and taking whatever miracle worker is currently being sworn for). This fight includes: taking long walks on a sunny afternoon, spending time with The Boy, some writing, and catching up on my reading. To be more specific, the new Eileen Carr book - Hold Back the Dark - is out...and in my hot little hands. Ooh, boy. I can't wait to read this one. Though to be honest, you should have seen the look of dismay when The Boy met me at B&N last week. The conversation went a little like this:
"Where are you?"
"At the bookstore."
"Which section?"
"I'll give you two guesses."
He found me a few minutes later with HBtD and Jill Shalvis's Instant Attraction in my hands. "I need them," I explained.
He gave me the look reserved for crazy people.
"No, I really do. And see? I have a gift card."
Somehow, this last part made it all okay. But the laughter began again when I refused a bag from the store, and instead insisted on shoving them both into my purse...along side the book I was already reading.