Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back on track...

Sometimes all it takes is a little rest and relaxation to get back on track. Over mid-Winter Break R and I took our honeymoon. We went on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera. While there we snorkled, and parasailed. We sat in the sun and soaked it in (hey, living in Washington that vitamin D was in desperate need).
Part of my relaxation routine was hitting the gym on board. There is something about being able to watch the water float by while I walked/ran on the treadmill got all my creative muscles firing. I had more ideas race through my head in those 40 min. sessions than I've experienced in good long while.
I couldn't wait to come home and get to work. And I did. I began working on a middle grade novel that my mind has played with since last October. It's on the backburner for a few weeks now, while I finish up report cards and my new Board entries, but the fire and the passion for the writing are still there.
And that's all I need to get back on track.

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