Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On the road again...

I'm very jealous of all my writer friends who are currently winging their way to RWA Nationals in Orlando this year. My only consolation is that next year it's in NY and I'm there! It's not like I haven't gotten to travel this summer, cause I have. In fact, much of it is mini-road trips to see my honey. So I've discovered the wonderful concept of books on CD. The last time I tried these, I always went for books I knew. Books that were familiar, and that I knew would make me laugh. This time around, I'm trying authors I know but books I haven't read. So far they keep me entertained...as long as I have enough caffeine. And yes, we all know what caffeine does to me. But as R puts it, I have about a 2 hour attention span, and the trip is 3 hours.
You do the math.
Right now I'm "reading" JD Robb's Salvation in Death. Not sure what I'll pick up next. One friend suggested the Harry Potter series. Any other suggestions?

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In which wedding planning ensues...

I met a co-worker for coffee the other day and she asked how the wedding planning was going. I told her we'd just about settled on a venue, so pretty well. Then she asked when the wedding was. "Next summer, right?"
No, it's in just over 6 mos. actually.
Eep! Is it any wonder that my big project for the summer is to get as much planned for this shindig as possible? Still having some of the more important details figured out at this point definitely helps.

And anyway, it's all fodder for my books, right?

***PS...no, this is not my dress.***


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sunny days...

I'm sorry. I know it's hot out. I know you don't want to be trapped in your car running errands (most likely). And I know that being on a diet sucks.
But please, leave me and my light Green Tea Frappucino alone. Don't covet. Don't sigh and force yourself to stop banging your head against the car door in a vain attempt to get at me.
Just give in. Go buy yourself one. It's hot out. You deserve it.
As for me? I'm trying to work up the courage to go knock the wasp's nest growing on my porch out, so I can enjoy sitting in the shade. Wish me luck!

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